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Month of Giving fundraising 

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A small contribution can go a long way.

Our charity offers vital services to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers as they build their new lives in London. Over the past year, we have transitioned our program online through a system of volunteers who keep in touch with our students, providing them with English lessons while easing some of the stress and loneliness they may be feeling under lockdown. Our primary source of spending as of late has been focused on providing mobile credit, data, and digital equipment to some of our most at risk students.


As we transition back to a flexible model of offering both virtual and in-person classes and activities, we will once again dedicate your donations to students’ transport subsidies and textbooks – helping to make our classes accessible to all.


What can we achieve with your donations?

  • £5 can pay for 1 student to attend a 3-hour long class via transport subsidy

  • £10 can pay for 1 English textbook

  • £20 can pay for 1 month of 4G data for 2 students

  • £60 can pay for 6 months of 4GB SIM Card for 1 student

  • £100 can pay for a smart phone and data to enable 1 student to access online classes and connectivity


100% of your donations directly go towards helping migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in need. With your help we can continue and further expand our impact across the UK.

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