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OUR IMPACT IN 2020-2021

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+ 80


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Where our students come from


*Since the start of LSP

What our students say


Abubakar, Libya

The Learning Station Project has helped me a lot with my English speaking and reading, thanks to my amazing teacher. Without her support I would not be at the level I am right now, really recommended to students like me who need support, especially for preparing for the GCSE.


Barbara, Poland

I come to this class to learn English. I am proud of this class. The teachers which are teaching us they are very professional and friendly. During the class we play games using more verbs and vocabulary. I am very happy to attend this class to be better in English I improve my English in 7 months.

Ibrahim Anonyme.JPG

Ibrahim, Ethiopia

The first thing that I can say "Thank you all of you!" Then, I can say a lot things about LSP... When I join the Learning Station Project I was poor of words and speech less. But now I am rich in words and I can explain my feelings!"


Wael, Egypt

English is the biggest challenge for me. What I like about English lessons is that it gives me confidence to  speak English. I learned a lot of new vocabulary. My English has improved a lot. I can understand English better than before.

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